10 Foto Hantu Terseram di Dunia

10. “The Brown Lady” of Raynham Hall
This photo was taken in 1936 at Raynham Hall in Norfolk, England, by two photographers of Country Life magazine. Raynham Hall was long reputed to be haunted by the ghost of Lady Dorothy Townshend, who died in 1726. The ghost had been seen on many occasions throughout the years when it was spotted descending these stairs by the Country Life photographers, who quickly took a snapshot. This is considered by many to be the most highly regarded and reputable photograph by a ghost yet made.

9. The Hampton Court Ghost
This one became fairly well known after it was released in December of 2003. Hampton Court, near London, was one of Henry VIII’s favorite hangouts (it’s because of him that Anne Boleyn is now a headless ghost roaming the Tower of London). A fire door inside the castle kept being opened when no one was supposed to be around. Guards checked the security cameras’ videotape, and spotted this figure in period costume walking through the door. Castle personel swear they don’t know who did this, noting that they don’t even have a costume that looks like this. ‘Course this could be some prankster at work, but I felt this was yet worthy of including in this top ten list, until we ever find out otherwise. It might turn out to have just been some tourist in an overcoat. Anyway if you want to watch the actual footage of the specter opening the door, L.E.M.U.R. Investigations has it on their website.

8. The Newby Church Monk
Reverend K.F. Lord took a picture of the altar at his church in North Yorkshire, England and this is what came out. The picture and the negative are said to have been throughly examined by photographic experts and they can’t find any evidence that this was either a double exposure, or artificially altered. The “thing” is calculated to be standing nine feet tall, and no one’s found any record of a monk that humongous ever being at Newby Church. Who is it? What is it? Trick of light or something else? Either way it’s way too creepy to not mention on this list.

7. The Bed Ridden Boy

6. Freddy Jackson’s Comeback

5. His Favorite Chair

4. Darn Backseat Drivers!

3. What Do You Want On Your Tombstone?

2. And the sea gave up the dead which were in it…

1. Come On Baby, Light My Fire

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